Gussied-up jars of green maters

Go ahead, drop by unannounced. I'm ready!
Every year I get caught off guard needing a quick gift. These turned out cuter then I thought they would. It's hard to gussy up  a neon jar of unripe tomatoes, at least in holiday colors.

First let me show these super sweet , made in china, adorable kind of crap I live for! These are little clothes pins and line used to hang holiday cards. Stinking cute. I found these in a box of my Momma's stuff she has stored at our house, Merry Christmas to me!

For the lids I used the left over ticking fabric I used to make my bedskirt. Sewed on a few vintage sequins from an old stash. Discovered some teeny tiny jingle bells in my stash. Discovered teeny tiny jingle bells make me squeal in delight.

My sweetie made me printed dress tags to hang by cheepie chinese clothes pin....and I'm one happy girl...I feel crafty...

As a bonus, Kingplinker made the tags blank, just for your use! Hint, craft stores carry some really cute mini wooden clothes pins.

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