Chocolate frogs

Etiquette schmetiquette, I've gone and invited myself to a tea party. I happen to be visiting Old Flowers For Me and she said they needed some chocolate frogs for her tea party...can do :0)

I originally put together this design together over five years ago, for my sister-in-laws bridal shower. Her 'thang' is frogs. I had tags made with "taking the leap", only her frogs were pink polka dotted and orange bows finished the wrapping.
I've also used this frog theme in the past to make boys birthday favors by simply changing the frogs spots to blue and changing the flower.

The molds are CK Molds #90-12958 for the frog and CK Mold #90-13109 for the lily pad. The lily pad is actually a 4 leaf clover sucker mold. The water lily is fondant cut with a " flower stamen" gum paste cutter in two pieces, just fold the petals up on the top piece, finish with nonpareils and a smile.

Sorry, now the icky legal stuff, Combining these molds to create this frog and water lily favor is the intellectual property of Lynea Harrison under a LLC. I would love for you to create these for your friends and family, but to copy for monetary gain is prohibited.But I know you would never do such a thing like that :0) Thanks.


trash talk said...

I just wonder how these would ship. They are so charming and fit for a princess and I bet they are wart free too...just not calorie free, right?

Queenplinker said...

Hi Miss Debbie!
Are you going make some? I would be so excited if you did.
I haven't mailed chocolate in a few years, but if I remember correctly, we would ship without a cold pack as long as the daytimes high temp stayed under 80 degrees.
The fondant and gum paste flowers are very fragile and need to be packed in a way that no pressure is applied to them.

Hope that helps,
Lyle is still mine.

Kirsty said...

We are meant to be friends! Not stalkerish at all....
Chocolate frogs! Beautiful turquoise furniture! Kitchen of MY dreams! Reupholstering amazing furniture! We MUST share secrets and whisper funny things in each others ear like school girls.

So weird. Now you'll probably quit following me....but don't.
I can't wait to read more from you. I've been reading for a half hour already!

Queen "B" said...

creatively darling and really fun and versatile, just love the talent
Aloha wishes

oldflowers4me said...

OOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhh-you darling girl grab my hand and really come over to fairy cake pond...i have dug a magic underground tunnell-im off to open the wooden door now....p.s..this is what i so love about the blog worlds...thankyou so much sweet girl.

Brabourne Farm said...

Now I'm not a lover of the frog but I'd make an exception for these gorgeous little guys! Leigh

The Apiary said...

Owe Honey you must not know my mom (Trash Talking) she does not have that kind of creative bone in her body...LOL

Queenplinker said...

Hi Apiary, nice to meet you!
You and your Momma say so.. but it's so hard for me to believe that! She's full of ideas and quick wit. I can't see her being stumped by a chocolate frog.lol