My colors

I suppose the next time I'm hanging out in East Dallas having my tarot cards read. I could throw in an extra 20.00 and have my Aura checked too. She would tell me, "Your aura is a trio of aqua, teal and turquoise green, flecked with peach and red. Glowing all over in amber colored shades of honey, not yellow, honey."
Then I would say, "Pffft puh-leese, I could have told you that...Give me my 20.00 back!"
Somethings a girl just knows!

Just from today:
Leigh from Brabourne Farm posted this insanely stunning kitchen by Susan Southham. The black accents are a nice touch, and I'm in love with the patina on those hanging pots.

Erin at House of Turquoise posted this today, from Chicago Home and Garden.

The rest I don't remember collecting or where exactly I collected them. I sometimes pull a photo to my desktop just because it makes me happy. I never expected to be sharing them with you. Before I knew it these colors became part of me and needed their own folder..."my colors"

I'm dying to rummage through this armoire, don't act you didn't think about it :0) Those candles on that pieced together chandelier, sooo charming!

The above photo is labeled "Adore-Viabijoukaleidoscope" Yes, I do adore.

This last is labeled 'Roboppy". Probably not pragmatic living room colors, but they suit my aura just fine :0)

What color is your aura?


Torie Jayne said...

Wonderful pics! I too love aqua and faded pastels, Have a sweet day!

Tara Dillard said...

My aura is garden colored of course!!!

Painters here 3 weeks, so far. Can't wait till they get to the kitchen ceiling. It's going a faded green.

Powder room just went a rich terra cotta. A Benjamin Moore historic color. It's going in master bath & under kitchen chair rail too.

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

red.neck chic said...

LOL You crack me up!!! I DO want to dig through the armoire!!! Dang - you're just taunting me with it now!!!

Okay - you HAVE to come to Waco... we can check out our aura's in all kinds of junk stores - and probably wreak some serious havoc!!!

Sssshhhh..... don't say the "m" word 'round me - I've got duct tape. LOLOL Troy is the other half of Rod at the Junk Exchange - you would love him though!!! And he would LOVE for you to refer to him as "King T". hahahaha!!!

I'm going back to drool over your photos... dang...
;-) Have a great evening!!!

oldflowers4me said...

am i aloud to have 2 or 3 colors....lilac, raspberry and apple green.

Brabourne Farm said...

Depends on what day you ask me! Colour is such a wonderful thing it's hard to decide which I love best. Leigh