The Kitchen

In 1999, I found a magazine that featured the kitchen of my dreams!
Some of the things I love about this Great American Kitchen...
Vintage stove...LOVE
An entire wall of subway tile...LOVE

silver accents, here and there...LOVE
SS wall ovens...LOVE
glass front cabinets...LOVE
Hex tile floor...LOVE
dark wood countertops...LOVE

Old fashioned sink...LOVE...LOVE...LOVE

I'm not very good with good with design, so in 2005 when we remodeled our kitchen I set out to copy as much as I could from those photos.
Here are the results

We were unable to fit in a vintage stove and opted for simple stove top. Hex floor, another no go, too expensive. Instead we used a cherry wood laminate.

Glass cabinets we kept to one end of the kitchen as they were expensive, we opted to use them as more of a focal point. We found some antique swinging bathroom doors, salvaged from a now demolished school.

We painted the kitchen side of the doors white while leaving the original stenciled signs...just because I like them.

The fridge was supposed to flush with the cabinetry, but after two previous failed attempts to get it right, I told the carpenter to forget it. I think he fibbed a wee bit when said he had installed a built-in before. We were both happy just to move on.

My favorite pic from the magazine had to be the sink, I started looking for it right after I purchased the magazine, before we even owned a home! It's six feet with double drain boards and legs. It was form a convent in upper New York. A hassle to ship, refinish and instal. Worth every difficulty *my husband may say differently.

I was barely able to get enough subway tile to make me happy. Besides the birth of children, when Lowe's stared caring cheap subway tile, it was the happiest day of my life. It's behind the sink and the backsplash for this wall. Also wrapped around the section for the wall ovens.

That's all for now. I see blogging is not as easy as it looks. I'm going to quit today while I still have functioning brain cells. Hope your day is a happy day!


Jen Kershner said...

Your kitchen is absolutely gorgeous! I'm pea green with envy. All of that character! What a lucky girl.

Queenplinker said...

Thank you, Jen. We do indeed feel very fortunate and blessed to be here. I'm so happy you stopped by, I'm going to see what goodies you've posted today!