Can You picture this?

I would really love to come across an old china cabinet.
One with great bones, 

Unlike these cabinets, the one I'm looking for has curved glass sides that have been broken out.

It's almost impossible to replace curved glass. Making my cabinet less expensive and a great project for repurposing.

You see, I don't want it for china....

I'll give you a hint.

Ah ha, start back from the top. Take another look at the china cabinets, imagine them with wire mesh instead of glass. Doors with the bottoms reworked to hold trays for easy clean up. The question is, can you see these china cabinets as bird cages for finches?

Oops, almost forgot credits, all the cabinets are from the 'sold' archives off Brass Lantern Antiques .

BTW, If you haven't heard,  Texas is closed and bingo at the VFW has been canceled. It's called snow, but we rarely see it. Run, do not walk to the nearest grocery store and buy everything you can get your hands on, including sunscreen. This could last 24 hours folks. If you start to starve the sunscreen makes an outstanding Alfedo sauce substitute. Again, bingo night has been canceled ;0) Keep calm..carry on.



Tara Dillard said...

Before you wrote it I was already thinking French chicken wire.

However, I was thinking towel storage.

Your idea is much better.

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

Jessika said...

Great idea! I laughed so hard and snorted water through my nose over the sunscreen as alfredo sauce comment. I love it!
Even here in Maine, people still flock to the grocery store every time a storm is predicted. We only do it to make sure we have every thing we need for every possible diabetic emergency imaginable.
Snow in Texas doesn't sound right though.

red.neck chic said...

ROFLMBO!!!!!!!!!!!! Girl - i got nothin'! Nothin' I tell you!!! I even have the sunscreen... heartbroken due to lack of bingo though....


Okay - LOVE the birdcage idea!!! I will be watching for one for you!!! Price range please?

;-) robelyn

KatinkaPinka said...

hahahahah...it's so true!

love your idea of the china cabinet turned birdie bungalow. my sweetie built a birdie 'cathedral' out of scrap wood a few years ago for our little wing'ed friends...i'll have to snap a photo of it soonly. ♥