Miss Alainious and her lucky, lucky stars

Or a review of the past few days in pictures.

My poor mother didn't have electricity for three days. I enjoyed the visit, I think she was ready for some peace and quiet ;0) 

I got my sugar-buzz on with lots of pink fluff.

School was cancelled Friday, Valentine party held on Monday instead. I made the candy favors by sewing candy into a glassine bag with name tags, bits of doiley and crepe. A tad girly for my sons...I don't think they care as long as candy is involved.

At goodwill, I found a 70's English bike, complete with basket.

A big sturdy oak coffee table. I'd like to paint it gloss white. Then paint a stylized water lily on the top. Not sure, just thinking out loud.

Kingplinker totally surprised me today with a cabinet that may end up being my new bird cage, and two small sofas. The sofas have such great detail to them. Perfect for practicing my new upholstery obsession.

Another Goodwill find. I'm thinking this one may end up with thread sketched quail.

I hit the jackpot of sewing notions. Over thirty zippers and a huge bag of buttons, belt buckles, snaps, just good fun sewing junk.

I found yards and yards of beautiful fabric on sale at Handcocks. They forgot to put a sign out, I reminded them and got first pick!

My Goodwill finds, chair, coffee table, sewing notions, bike. All less then twenty-five dollars . Two sofas and future bird cage cabinet, free off of Craig's List. Three ponies, that equals twelve lucky horseshoes!
As if I wasn't euphoric enough. The only drawing I've ever entered, I won. I'll tell you more about it later, it deserves its own post ;0)

Rub your belly three times and blow a kiss to the nearest person, and the luck will be passed to you :0)


Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

I'm rubbing my belly! WOW what a find and so cheap! My closest Goodwill got snooty and I cant' find nothing there that cheap! I love the water lily idea. Congrats on the win.

trash talk said...

Can I look in a mirror and do it? Can't wait to see the sofas once you are finished!
KP is a keeper! Love the trucks buried in the snow...but I like old things...just look at Cat Daddy.
Tell your son from me...he is one lucky kiddo to have you for a home room mother. Tell him to trust me!

Peridots Garden Blog said...

Love ALL of your treasures and photos!

12 Lucky Horse Shoes! Made me Smile!


Claudia said...

Love those sofas! What a deal! And that bike is the exact bike I had as a teenager. I loved, loved it! Hey, maybe you found my old bike...


red.neck chic said...

GOOD GRIEF woman!!! You HAVE to come get me the next time you go junking - I want some of your luck!!! Geesh! I love the sofas - the sewing notions ROCK - your poor mother... 3 days? does she live out by me? LOLOL... COOL valentines...and...

Okay - yeah, I love it all. I'm still watching for cabinets but APPARENTLY I'm at the wrong Goodwills!!! Dang!

Happy Happy Wednesday!
;-) robelyn

nancy said...

Wow, you found some great things! My mother had that same bike back in the 60's. Come to think of it, I think she still has it!

♥♥♥...♪♫ said...

Nice that you visited my blogg and liked it, don´t know if you are Swedish or if it was a translation?
Good to know, because then you could write in english if you want.
Nice to se your interest in vintage things...lovely!
Thanks ├ůsa

Queen "B" said...

you go girl, wow what great finds!! nothing better than a fabulous deal!!
really fun
Aloha hugs from across the sea

KatinkaPinka said...

such amazing finds...lucky you! ♥