Beautiful Blogger, I'm blushed :0)

I'm really honored that Rene at Cottage and Vine gave me this beautiful blogger award. Mostly because Rene has such a beautiful blog herself. An amazing eye for detail and wonderful style. She works hard at putting together a beautiful home and it shows. You have to go see what she does! 
Thank you, Rene!

I'm to share 7 things about myself and pass it along to 15 more bloggers. 

7 things about me, whether you wanted to know or not :0)

1. Number one is big news. Who's your favorite khaki and blue wearing, big box, cake decorator? ME! Yep, pending the drug and background screening. Rolling back my sanity and practicing my spelling. 

2. I desperately want to love Jell-o. I'm mesmerized by all those little inexpensive boxes and the promises of culinary technicolor fun. Yet every bite I've ever encountered left me gaging, grabbing my throat and rolling on the ground like a 5 year old reenacting a death scene. I know. Dramatic.

3. I was Kelly for two weeks. As my new second grade teacher took role call, she asked "what name we would like to go by".  Sure, she meant first or middle name and most likely didn't mean make one up. Momma made me change it back.  
4. I love dairy cows and hate socks, still.

5. I do not like my belly button touched. This knowledge and my reaction to having it touched is pure gold to my children. Just know, I will karate chop you... no matter your age.
6. My husband looks like a viking.
7. I think vikings are hot.
Please don't take away my award ;0)

15 bloggers that inspire me. I would give it back to Rene too.

Give all these lovely ladies a visit, you'll be glad you did!


Rene said...

Ha ha ha. Love those seven things! Thanks for the love :)

BTW, totally agree about jello.

Ginger said...

Visiting by way of Cottage and Vine; nice to meet you!

nancy said...

Gee whiz, thanks for the award! (she says, blushing) What a sweet ending to what was a bummer of a day!

trash talk said...

1. Write "underneat" that! Do you ever read the CakeWreck blog. Hilarious!
2. Try eating it with bananas and marshmallows mixed in...eeewww!
3. Were you having a Beverly Hills 90210 identity crisis?
4. Don't hate the socks...hate the shoe for eating the sock!
5. I promise not to touch your bellybutton, if you promise not to touch my nose...deal?
6. Minnesota or Norse?
7. Brett or Thor?
You're a peach!

Peridots Garden Blog said...

Dear Lynea,

Congratulations on your award!

Lovin' all the inside scoop on your life! Viking man sounds cool!
I wish I liked cows...well I do from a distance...when I was a child my great uncle had cows and I'd go with him to feed them..."Aw don't be afraid they won't hurt 'cha!", he'd say over his shoulder. Me...afraid? Yes siree! I would stand on the gate and love 'em from afar...very FAR!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog, your lovely comments and for mentioning my blog in yours...you are so dear.

My daffodils are starting to open and my hydrangea's are budding leaves!

Take care and thank you!


nancy said...

Ok, I just looked at your photos again. Why does it look like you and the cow are standing under the canopy of a canopy bed? Is this some State Fair tradition I've never heard of? lol

Jessika said...

Thanks for the mention!I was wondering why the cow was in your bedroom too. I have a cow " Teeny Tiny " who spent the 1 st month of her life in a playpen in the kitchen.
The socks show character! I never wear matching socks. Just not interested.

Queenplinker said...

Ya'll are cracking me up! I have no idea why I'm in/under a bed with Elsie. I remember that photo was taken in the Lubbock mall...as if that explains anything.lol

red.neck chic said...


i love cake!!! that's just an fyi... i'll even refrain from feeding you jello if you have cake in your hands.

;-) robelyn

red.neck chic said...

Hey Kelly...
no jello? oh my gosh... I have to make you some jello. LOLOLOL

Thank You Thank You!!! I loved learnin' more about you and your non-sock wearin' self!!! LOL

;-) robelyn

Claudia said...

I'm so late getting back to you! Thank you so much for the award - I am honored. I will post it on my awards page.

Thank you, sweet friend!