Where were we?

The last three months have sucked. Walmart SUCKS! Feel free to slap me..slap me so hard I see buttercream covered communist stars. However, I did quit, so please don't hurt me.

It wasn't all bad. I made new friends. I can add icing and decorating a cake in 10 minutes to my big list of skills not utilized.  A new family member, a kitten! I wouldn't have found her (in the middle of the road) just when she needed me (having been hit by an car) if I hadn't been on my way to work. She's happy healthy and healed. Actually, she's nearly two pounds of trippin', curtain climbing, psycho kitty. I love her.

I didn't get much done in the garden this spring, no weeding, planting or sowing. I did manage a few photos. This is the last time I'll be looking back...moving forward my friends...moving forward.

See you soon :0)


trash talk said...

I've missed you!
P.S. Your garden looks beautiful and that is one lucky puss'n' boots!

Queenplinker said...

Debbi, I missed you too!!!
I can't get a comment through on your blog..ugg..I hope you see this. It makes me sick to think of you and Cat Daddy spending your days at the hospital. My prayers are with him.
Ya'll get home soon!

red.neck chic said...


First - LOVE The chick - the cow - the skirts - I need to send you some knit 'cause I needs some shirts with some ruffles - the figs look DELICIOUS and...

I'm glad you're back!!! What's psycho kitties name?!!?

;-D xoxo