Seed, stock, and pears equals a beautiful day

We've been scraping paint off the old milking shed all week. Hot, sweaty, icky work.  Sweat, headache, nap and repeat, all week long. My heat induced headaches and naps last longer then the time I do any actual paint scraping. My sweetest has muscled through most of it. 

Otherwise, keeping busy.
I planted 15 cultivars of heirloom winter squash. I don't like planting this late in the season, but we've been blessed with a week of rain, making the ground workable. And I missed out on getting so many things in the ground this spring. Another item I've added to my 'to do' list is to come up with a much more glamorous way of storing my seeds. What a mess.

I was able to get cream peas planted (in the white bag). I've been growing these for the past three years. I'd hate to think of having a winter where I can't pull a bag from the freezer whenever I want. These were passed to me from a friend, the cultivar name forgotten. They are simply the best field pea EVER. I'll never grow another black eyed pea again, that's a big statement coming from a southern gal.

Then I moved into the kitchen and readied myself to put up some soup stock for later use. I saved all the trimmings and bones from the 60 pound pig we roasted over the 4th. I gathered carrots, garlic and summer squash from the garden. My brother brought us lots of interesting veggies from his CSA in Austin along with various other bits of veg left over from the get together. I roasted them all in olive oil and sea salt for an hour at 400 degrees. Added the meat bones, 4 gallons of water and a few bay leaves then simmered for four hours. The house smells amazing. 
That left the evening open for pear picking date with the Hubby. So much fun...a great ending to a wonderful day.

old fashioned pear picking dohicky on a stick

I'm saving the pears for another day (when I want to get away from painting the barn) and can these sweets.

Hope your day is filled beauty and wonders :0) While you're at it...plan a date under a tree.


Tara Dillard said...

Want that pear picker for a tool bouquet. Where, and when, did you buy that thing? It's fabulous.

Field peas are the best, and I am from Texas !! Beloved Aunt Ruby grew them in North Carolina.

Heat? Yes, and over 3 weeks ZERO rain. Plants, & I, are crisping. Would rather have a pear crisp.

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

red.neck chic said...

Oh my gosh - that pear picker is WAY cool!!!

My grandmother and I used to can pears... I thought fer shor that yellowish color would NEVER leave my hands!!!

I think you're staying to busy - take a break!!! nap?

:-D robelyn