Twenty-10 and 1/2

In January I created my twenty-10 (2010) to do list. It's there on my side bar. With July quickly  coming to an end and the year half over I'm beginning to see what plans for this year are realistic and what may not get accomplished. 

As most plans, they hinge on financial ability. This last year has far been the most challenging in keeping our heads above water, some tears, mostly laughing at the previous months, shaking our heads and thinking how in the heck did we make it. My husband and I both grew up dirt poor, you learn how to laugh. Laughter is priceless, we spend that at will.

 Our biggest accomplishment was getting our 100 acres paid off in full. Our house is a separate deed from our land. We will never be homeless, our land has two share-cropper houses and if worse came to worse, we would be able to live in one of those. I don't think this would ever happen, however it's a great comfort to know we have options. We will have land and the land will provide for us and our animals.
Our milk cow ladies, Sally Belle and Sandy Belle, are due in to calve in September. This is such a huge deal and blessing, our cows are the backbone of our farm. It just so happens that I enjoy milking a cow, but even if the idea horrifies you...Imagine never having to spend a dime on butter, milk, cream, artisan cheeses, yogurt, cottage and cream cheese. They provide all the milk and dairy we can consume, and none of it goes to waste. 
 If the cows give birth to heifers, they will grow up to be a milk cow. More milk for us, or sold as milkers to offset the cost of feeding alfalfa. If a bull calf is born, it will be raised as a steer and eventually provide beef for my family.

 Clabbered milk will provide for our future pigs. If and when we get a suitable pasture set up for the pigs this year. Much of this 'organic pork' plan hinges on getting a tractor to grow enough of our own organic grain. Some girls long for their first BMW, I long for this.

We have been feeding layer pellets all summer to the chickens. I'm eager to get rid of this expense by feeding clabber and free range. I'm so excited to have the incubator up and running this year.

 The extra roosters will bless my family by going to freezer camp and is better then watching them fight amongst themselves. 
We've been blessed with so many eggs. Enough to freeze, hatch and eat fresh. Great job my feathered sweeties.

'Silver Sage' egg and wall. It takes a special hen to lay an egg that matches your favorite Restoration Hardware paint color.

So this is where we are with the animals and farming. Not a bad year, not bad at all. Still much work to be done to get *organic pork* off my to do list.

Today and everyday, I'm grateful for all I do have :0)


red.neck chic said...

DANG! I'm moving in to one of your share-cropper houses so that I can come steal your milk and eggs. LOLOL

You, dear Lynea, are very blessed. Laughter is the best healer - and SO useful in tough times! ;-)

Seriously - I would raid the fresh cream cheese so much you would think the chickens were eating it. LOLOL

AUGH! I can't go this week-end! I have 3 nieces that are going to be dogging my every step - but if you go back in the next few months - COUNT ME IN!!! ROAD TRIP!!!

Will you bring some cream cheese?

:-D robelyn

trash talk said...

After looking at your list...I'd say you've got a lot done. I bet I wouldn't catch you sitting on your duff very often...unlike me!
Mmmm...fresh dairy everything. I remember the local milkman bringing butter, eggs, cream, etc. to our door when I was a kid...all fresh from the farm. What a treat to open the door to and all you have to do is walk out your back door! You're living the life girly!

P.S. I read your post on milk wars and all I wanted to say was "get 'em"! If you need me to man an udder...I'm your gal. Just tell me where to point, aim and fire.

Nancy said...

I'm with Robelyn - I'm moving to your farm!

Your cows are beautiful. I know not everyone has that reaction to a cow, but I have a soft spot in my heart for a pretty brown cow. They're like...deer...only calmer, and tamed! LOL

And how DID you get that chicken to lay that Restoration Hardware Green egg? Feed her paint chips?!?!

Anne Marie said...

so true...I'm thankful too - and your cracked me up with the paint color and the egg....we are talking back and forth with a lady who has a milking goat - I just think a cow would be too much for us to handle right now - and pigs? I so want 2 next year...all in time eh?

Madelief said...

Hi Lynea,

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! Your life on the farm is so different than mine in the city. It's sounds like hard, but very rewarding work!!

Enjoy your day!

lieve groet, Madelief

KatinkaPinka said...

so lovely! perhaps someday we can trade some of my orchard's fruits for some of your artisan cheese! xoxo