Magnolia chair

A neighbor was throwing out this little chair. Um, over eleven years ago. It's a lot work hiding a chair that long! The footstool has been in hiding too. After a bit of searching, I found it at my husband's tool shop.

The  only 'before" picture,  I was documenting my excitement in finding a chandelier crystal tucked into the chair cushion. Wait..that's a crystal off of my chandelier, that's packed away in the basement. How do those things happen? Did I get the chandelier from the neighbor as well? I don't remember, such are the problems of being a pack rat. 

I added some 'chippy' to the legs and arms.

And a magnolia bloom to keep my toes company.

I'm not sure what room it eventually reside in. At least its days of 'hiding' are over!

Todays challenge:
rediscover something you already own :0)


koralee said...

Wow....I have a few pieces hidden away as well..you have inspired me my friend. So beautiful xoxoxo Hugs for a great week end.

red.neck chic said...

I LOVE this!!! I have a room you can store it in...

I've missed you!!!


dulcy said...

You say I'm talented?! My gosh, that chair and ottoman .... then the chocolate wreath.... well I'm so humbled by these big projects you take on! And such a lovely job with all of it. I adore the magnolia touch!

Tara Dillard said...

How truly new, & odd. The concept of something for my toes on a foot stool.

You've got my toes WANTING to play with that magnolia, indeed, odd.

(Table by my clawfoot tub was inherited from an Aunt who found it on the sidewalk. Trash to heirloom!)

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

trash talk said...

I have got to figure a way to get inside your head. This is fantastic and the magnolia flower...inspired!