sewing room inspiration

I had to make a quick trip to Oklahoma yesterday. By Quick, I mean nearly five hours there, and five hours back. To make the most of the trip, I made note of every Goodwill I passed along the way. Then stopped at them all on my return trip. Goodies galore! I found over 15 yards of wonderful woven fabrics, for less then 20.00! I love sewing gifts for others, but I'm a bit eager to sew a little for myself soon too. I think most of my goodwill fabrics are going to make some really cute skirt and dresses.

Most of the drive was spent daydreaming. I've decided, after the holidays I'm going to redo my sewing space. Some of the things I'm considering.

I'm going to use auto paint on all the metal items such as sewing machine and metal desk and tables. I really like the use of matching paint on the industrial machine and table. I have an old oak and iron drafting table much like the table in the second photo, my husbands going to be thrilled when he hears my plan to move it upstairs. It will give the room more of a vintage feel tho. A few things I covet from these photos. The dress from, stools and that amazing wire basket in the background. Do you see it? The one holding bolts of fabrics...I love it soooo much! I also like the artistic touch of the slopers hanging on the wall. Will have to copy, If I ever get around to making my own slopers...could happen.

Next, check out the cabinet holding the fabric! What an awesome idea. Treating your fabric stash like it's so important it should be held behind glass...yes, please!

There's not really a single item from this third photo that I need to complete the sewing room. But I love the monochromatic feel and should probably keep reminding myself not to stray too far from this scheme. I always freak out and start adding lots of color, when I don't think it necessary. Oh, I guess I could put a bulletin board to good use.

Top photo is from Brookman Harris a crazy talented stylist.

Glass cabinet photo is from  here 
Check it out, such a lovely sewing blog in turquoise and red!


Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Oh the fabulous plans you have. How wonderfully fun!

And what a great idea stopping at all of those Goodwill Stores. How many were there?

Stay Cozy, Carrie

Queenplinker said...

Hi Carrie, I stopped at 3 out of 5 stores. Of course now I'm kicking myself for not stopping at the last 2, but I was worn out from all that driving and daydreaming.lol

Diane said...

What great inspiration! And I sure love the Jars you dolled up great gift idea!

Jessika said...

You've got me daydreaming too! I love the photos and ideas. My sewing room, 5 years and a farm later, has become a " junk room ".
I need to resurrect it. Thanks for the motivation!