Faraway Friday 2

Today, we are visiting Northern Europe, a Scandinavian country... uh, o.k. ...I really don't know where this blog is from. Just that it is worthy of a visit.

The blogette is a fabulous funky dresser. She possibly owns her own store, makes the displays. Is in numerous magazines, could be a stylist or having an affair with a celebrity, hard to tell. If you can't read the language you get to make these things up, my new rule. Has a wonderful home and pretty friends with the occasional photo or two of adorable babies!

As if that weren't enough. This is the little guy that makes me a follower!

Whoa there, killer, calm down.

If he doesn't make you smile, your case may be hopeless ;0)

Have a great weekend, 
                              wherever you are! 


karianne på landet said...

I follow this blog too, it's NICE! :) It's Swedish ;) You can translate webpages with google translate, then theres no problem reading foreign blogs and so on :)

By the way, I'm following you too now :) Really like your blog.

Have a fantastic day.

-Karianne- (From Norway)

Tara Dillard said...

You too? I'm a patsy for dog/cat pics.

Ok, so you are doing cheese making too?

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara