My Momma is Awesome

I hope you've seen the site My Parents Were AwesomeIt's so endearing to see the love people have for their parents and the images that their children perceive as awesome.

I happen to think this an awesome photo of my Momma on Booger Red. My Momma does not. She would like you to know that she always dressed much better then in this photo. "It's so embarrassing" and she wants you to know that she had fabulous western wear, hand sewn and embroidered by my Grandmother and great Grandmother. She was not wearing her good clothes in this photo. She wants you to know, don't forget.

My Momma was voted most beautiful in High School. She is too humble to accept this without making up excuses as to why people voted for her.

My Momma was a rodeo gal. And once, when a horse she borrowed got spooked and ran out of the arena. He crossed a four lane highway and dumped her in a cotton field. She told the paramedics it was Satan's fault and they hauled her in for evaluation. Yes, the horses name was in fact named Satan....My Momma can tell a funny story.

I love it when I have conversations with my Momma that go like this..
Momma: "Remember that sewn angel horse I got for you"?
Me: "Um ...no, what is an angel horse"?
Momma: "A horse with angel wings on it"
Me: "You mean a Pegasus"?
Momma: "No, this was a horse with angel wings on it"
Me: dying laughing ..."On no, I probably got rid thinking it was a tacky Pegasus"

I do wish I had that angel horse, a wonderful reminder of what a great sense of humor my Momma has.

Just incase you couldn't tell any of that from looking at her photo.
 I wanted you to know my Momma is awesome. 
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Brabourne Farm said...

Such a fabulous photo - love it! Leigh

Jessika said...

Your Momma IS awesome....and so is my Momma. I'd love to see her fabulous western wear sometime.