Slip up

My foray into slipcovers is not starting well.  I think terry cloth is a poor choice of fabrics to start with. Thats the excuse I'm sticking with.
I've had this vanity chair forever. I love the shape and couldn't bare to part with it, though it needed help. It had been broken and was welded back together. I forgot to get a good photo before starting (bad blogger), it was once gold and green vinyl. Anything has to be better then gold and green vinyl. I had my husband paint it white for me (good hunny).

The slipcover I made from a cheapy towel. The fabric store only had white or pink terry cloth and the towel was cheaper then buying terry cloth by the yard. I used a 1/4" binding around the bottom, the cloth proved to be too thick to hem. In hindsight, the 1/4" binding was way to small! I'd use much larger next time.

Here you can start to see what a mess I made of the binding.

The silver lining, a vintage button found a new home.

Here is the fabric I have chosen for the bathroom curtain. I love pintucks and ruffles. The cloth is thin, but I was able to salvage the lining from my old curtain to save a few dollars. I should be able to have them finished a hung tonight, if I get off the computer soon ;0)



red.neck chic said...

LOL Girl - i love your slipcover!!! I'll send you a chair, a towel and some seam binding if you will make me one! heehee

And your curtain fabric? I'm drooooooooooooling I'm lovin' it!!!

;-) robelyn

Rene said...

I happen to think your terry slip cover is fabulous! As for the shower curtain, I am about to make a ruffled curtain and didn't think about the pintucks. Great idea! How did you finish the ruffles so they don't unravel?

Rene said...

Thanks so much for all of the info yesterday! Now I must get to making a new curtain.