Lets take Friday and turn it into a day for visiting faraway places. When you come across a blog in a foreign language do you turn back, or do you stick around and look at the pictures? 

Petits Bonheurs 

*I think* translates to "small pleasures", not sure on that tho. Two semesters of French and all I came away with..."Hurry, let's go to the library and have a ham sandwich"...money well spent.

So if wonderful photos send you into daydream mode, head on over and have a mini french vacation.

I love the small lace detailing, I wouldn't mind a grownup version of this dress.

My imagination tells me the owner of this car wears tailored white gloves and has a fine collection of pillbox hats...do not ruin it for me.

Ahh, even those french kids can make a mess look stylish.


Did we enjoy our trip to Petits Bonheurs


KatinkaPinka said...

lovely! i always stop to see the pictures, at the very least, if the words are not a language of my own.

i like to peek at the cherry blossom girl ( http://www.thecherryblossomgirl.com/ )...though, she does have english translation below the french...makes me want to take a trip to paris!

Anonymous said...

thank you for this post, and also for your lovely comment.
it's time for breakfast here, but i'll come back later to read your blog
PS: i don't drive but i loved your description of a driving me :-)

Queenplinker said...

Katina, Thank you for her link. I was tempted more then once to grab a pair of shears and cut myself some bangs! What a stylish young woman!

Lovepics, Thank you! Look forward to seeing more of your beautiful work. My sons are fond of your car too, their exact words, "sweeeeet"!

the lemonade girl said...