My favorite store hates me, or will soon

Dear Anthropologie,
Why you gotta be so cruel?
I'm 6' 2" and 2 hundred blah, blah, blah pounds...have you ever bothered to make a 16 or 18 dress size? And while I have your attention, lets discuss your prices. Even in a good economy it's not like me to fool with a 100-200 dollar skirt. Soooo??? Fine be that way. I can do without you.

In fact, I think I can do better. How's that for some big girl confidence. This year all my clothes are going to be my very own Anthro knock offs. Let me know if you have your own knock-offs. I would love to see them. All you skinny-minnies keep buying, I don't want them to go under.

First up Anthro's blue plaid ruffle skirt.

And my version, I made the side ruffles not so large and added a vintage do-dad ruffle thingie-ma-bob to the side. I wish I could get a photo of me wearing this, it looks much cuter on a person then on the cheapy manikin.

Next up Antho's feathered headband. Ooo la la.

And mine, Do you remember the turkeys we had at Thanks Giving. We raise our own birds and these are "hillbilly headbands", for sure! You'd never know by looking at them tho :0)

On to another subject. I wanted to show this tray made by Jen  at The Cottage Nest . Isn't that stunning! Sorry Jen, that tray is not safe from being knock-offed. May be a Valentine version??? You so talented, it was bound to happen!

Gone sewing..everyone have a good one!


KatinkaPinka said...

hahaha, love the 'hillbilly headbands'! i have a box of spotty dotty feathers i've been saving from my guinea hens just for that purpose. ♥

Diane said...

oh my goodness, the skirt is BE-U-T-ful! I like it bettah than the anthro one! Ohhhh...and the hillbilly headband rocks!