Smooth or bumpy, big or small. I love them all...winter squash.

It's colder here then it's been in thirty years. Not that it matters I'm usually stark raving mad to get into the garden by this time every year. I console myself by plotting my veggie garden. Checking the planting dates and rotation schedule. Then when I get really desperate I take out my seed packs, look at their names and fondle the larger seeds. In a caring earth mother sort of way..nothing kooky.

Last year I traded, begged, and pleaded with other gardeners to amass my seed stash. And thanks to their incredible generosity, see what I have to look forward to planting this year. Sadly this is only a fraction of the cultivars that I would like to try...can anyone say obsessed?

Black Futsu (photo, Plant world) & Galeux D' Eysines (photo, Seed Savers)
Georgia Candy Roaster (photo, Seedman) & Jarrahdale (Johnny's Seeds)

Kakai (photo, Exjordinanary Seeds) & Lakota (photo, Super Seeds)

Long Island Cheese (photo, Seed Savers) & Long Neck (photo, Reimer Seeds)

Queensland Blue (photo, Martha Stewart) & Red Warty (photo, Gourmet Seed)

and lastly Sucrine Du Berry (photo, Rare Seeds)
Aren't they beautiful? Next fall we hope to raise our own pork and much of the excess squash will be used to feed them. It also be nice to raise enough to help out with our local family services. The rest is all mine to sample!!! Anyone have a favorite squash recipe they'd like to share?

A bit of trivia. Did you know that when you purchase a can of pumpkin puree to make your holiday pies your most likely cooking with this. Not the big orange globes we know as pumpkins, but the humble, reliable widely grown (in the south) Curshaw.

(photo, Rare Seeds)
Only 4 and a half months till winter squash planting time!

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