slipcovers...skirts for your furniture

I've never been a big fan of slipcovers. Not that I disliked them, just didn't give them much notice.
Yet, this year a goal I've set is to make my own slipcovers and piping. Seems I want to slipcover everything in site!
My change of heart happened when I noticed more and more slipcovers resembling skirts. Look at all these lovely details.


more ruffles

sweet pleating

Lace hems :0)

Most days, I'm not dressed as well as these chairs.
I'm starting with a small vanity chair, wish me luck!

Photo credits #1,3 unknown, #2,4 Country Living, #5,7 Country Home, #6 House Beautiful


Diane said...

Hiya! If you can do ruffles and piping, you can paint a rug! LOL
I have done piping one time in my life and never ever did it again! I can't wait to see your slip covers.

Queenplinker said...

"never did it again"...That's what worries me.lol