Turquoise Empire

My first piece of empire furniture, well technically my Mama's first. I remember when she bought it, I was 18. We had a small nook in the wall of our dining room that this piece fit perfectly. The only problem, we moved soon after, and it never looked good anywhere else. That why she gave it to me, no doubt.lol 

So after 20 plus years of being moved around, shunned and hidden away. Let me introduce you to my newest favorite piece of furniture. It was a long wait, baby, you look smashing in turquoise. I can't wait to put you in the bathroom as my vanity....and doll*u*up, like a proper dressing table with bobbles and frilly nonsense!

Isn't it fate that I found this magnolia wallpaper on a recent trip to Goodwill?

Have a wonderful day!

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Claudia said...

Oh, love that piece in turquoise! Fabulous!