Vogue topper and tempting patterns

Since I cut out eating sugar during the week, I've dropped 6 pounds. Quite the testament to how much I was putting away the sweets, huh! I know once the garden season is in full swing, I'll loose more with all the activities.
I hate to sew any clothes knowing I'll have to alter them only a few weeks later. But I'm getting twitchy not get my sewing fix. What's a twitchy, sugar and sunshine deprived woman to do? Hats. I've never sewn a hat before. You know what? It was fun. 16 hours, lots of hand sewing, designing fun.

I used Vogue pattern 8440, from bottom right pic, I know, I'm brave like that. lol You have to have faith that you can do better then the pattern pictures, always.
Vintage felt from stash, leather from Goodwill skirt, the hat lining from same skirt and gingham from stash= one cute hat
  I can't decide to leave it like this or add a bit more gingham.

Really, it a good hat despite the fact  it's owner is a goof ball that can't keep a straight face, when....oh, hardly ever :0)

don't hold it against the hat.lol

Speaking of Vogue patterns. I've noticed on Pattern Review that Vogue has some really nice new patterns out. By nice, I mean blur your vision and lets imagine them made with a different fabric and some creative detailing....

Isn't this cute! Can't wait to sew this! 
I'll bet I can match up the stripes a tad better. lol Come on, Vogue, that just looks sloppy! 
While we're at it...day dreaming that is...I want that adorable girl's haircut and color too.

I love this Jacket and yes, I think it's a jacket and not a blouse. If I were her mother, I would make her put a shirt on. Love that skirt as well. 
However, I don't love them worn together...too much, over the top, too peplumnessy.

This one has great vintage lines and lots of room for embellishment.

Isn't this stunning! I don't have a single place to wear this beauty. Please don't pity me, after all I do try and avoid places that would require me to be dressed like this in the first place. 
Unless it's the backyard, then I'll dress to the hilt for the cows :0)
 I'm getting the pattern anyway, just to see the sleeve construction. Maybe I can work the idea into something a bit more casual.

Comfy, I like it, and wraps suit my figure.

I really want that lower left purse. Hey! That looks like the sleeve off the red dress.lol

I really like the apron in the upper right hand corner. I need an apron as big as a dress. One that would completely cover me while milking. The larger pockets are a bonus and look like they would carry lots of eggs. I already have quite a few apron patterns...yet, I've already talked myself into this one as well.  Funny how that works.

                                           Sew cool, my friends. Have fun today!


Tara Dillard said...

Billions of eras could pass before I would EVER think to sew a hat.

I did however decide upon a silhouette of gardening clothes I like.

You will be my go-to for questions.

Love all the pics/diagrams.

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

Jessika said...

Oh my, you are killing me! I love the hat--you look adorable!
The patterns are fabulous! I love them all and would totally get all dressed up for nothing more than to impress the cows. Actually, they really are impressed when I where something out of the ordinary....maybe shocked..scared.. is more like it!

trash talk said...

Egads but you are talented! Did you happen to see the "Bella" aprons on Barn House Marketplace. A friend of mine is making those and they are just about perfect.
P.S. Love the hat...sadly I have a melon head and hats never look right on me...I love 'em...they just don't love me!

red.neck chic said...

Okay... a. LOVE LOVE LOVE the hat!!! I am such a hat girl - it's disgusting! LOL b. LOVE LOVE LOVE the flower!!! I am such a flower girl - it's disgusting! hee-hee

I had to give up sewing clothes due to the fact that well... I am not good at fitting myself. LOLOL Love the purse patterns though! haha!!!

Happy Monday!!!