I've been looking at cannas this evening. I'm not all that fond of tropical plants, but I've gained a lot of appreciation for them over the past few years. Here in the South they're so common, they're often overlooked as anything special. A common plant usually is special, it's the common plant that can withstand neglect and still prosper. It's a plant that has a lot going for it, it's just overly and improperly used. Knock it off, I will, if you will :0)

Here's some inspiration to mix things up in the flower bed. What about planting some large purple leaves to the back of some pink roses or how about, dwarf variegated foliage with dainty leaves and flowers of blue flax. The combinations with these cannas are endless. Here are a few on my wish list , enjoy the view.
Above, Maudie Malcome grows  4 feet tall available at www.tytyga.com 
I love a pink canna! A perfect way to add a bit of girly color when everything else is suffering through our summers.

Striped Beauty, the flower and the leaves! Tall grower at 3-4 foot. These would be lovely defining a garden room wall. Photo by www.Lancasterfarm.com

Dawn Pink - An impressive dwarf with beautiful oval bronze leaves. The plant is very compact, not getting above 3’. The flowers are an electric coral pink and contrast perfectly with the foliage. That's the description from www.plumeriapeople.com .  Mmmmm, I have a perfect spot for these, don't you?

This is Sunbust Pink. Do you see it? It has pink variegation!!! OMG! Yes, I need a dozen or two. It's a dwarf only growing around 2 foot tall. So sweet. Another from www.tytyga.com

Wyoming The foliage is the real show stopper. I would like to use this next to an aqua painted bench, too much in your face color? lol

Stuttgart Is another I'm eager to try,  the variegation makes me a bit nervous though. Our intense Texas sun tends to burn such coloring. I'll have to work at finding it a home with perfect light. Available at www.thewatergardenshop.com

How 'bout it, are ya kookoo for cannas?


Cottage Cozy said...

Oh my goodness.. aren't those just gorgeous flowers?

trash talk said...

Girl, you are making me want spring to hurry up and arrive. Love the red leaves...provides such a great contrast!

red.neck chic said...

Okay dear flower girl... I have a black thumb - thus I'm going to live vicariously through your flower garden this next spring. Is that okay? LOLOL I'll send you seeds.

;-) Happy Wednesday!

hatjunkie said...

I'm always a fan of any flower that can withstand neglect.

Queenplinker said...

Thank you, lovely ladies!

Are you sure, Robelyn? I always have plants in my plant ghetto looking for a good home :0)

Welcome, Hatjunkie!
Do you have a site I can see your hats? They look awesome in your profile pics!

oldflowers4me said...

wow-thankyou for showing us these flowers-never ever seen them before.....

Torie Jayne said...

Such gorgeous flowers! Have a sweet day!

Brabourne Farm said...

I haven't seen these gorgeous old fashioned flowers for the longest time. They grew in my grandmother's garden when I was a child and always looked so bright and cheerful. Leigh