I can't believe it's Friday!
 I've been up to my eye balls with my reupholster project. One chair has far more damage then I first thought. I've washed off dog pee (it better be dog pee or I'm gonna freak!), noticed some of the wood details have been chewed off, again dog. That dog must have had some serious issues to pee and chew on the same chair.

The frame that appears to have been busted and reinforced once before, now needs it again. And I'm basically starting off with nothing but a frame and springs. Oh and the spring have to be retied...never tied a spring before. This is going to get interesting.lol

I finished the foot stool. Sorry, I don't want to show it just yet. Kingplinker doesn't like my piping detail. I tried to get all fancy shmancy with it.  He's not one throw around criticism and I can see his concern. But I'm hoping when I'm done he will have a change of heart seeing them as a whole idea that's come together.

I mean, it's not like anything could really go wrong, right?

Enjoy a challenge today!


Tara Dillard said...

Queenplinker I need you.

Challenges here!!

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

hatjunkie said...

Hysterical photo. I feel like that sometimes.

trash talk said...

Looks like the settee picked up the dog's habit of hiking a leg!
What could possibly go wongr?
P.S. So glad to know you are not a plicker...is that any relation to a flicker? I've corrected my le booboo and all is good now! SORRY!

red.neck chic said...

Lynea - I thought that was your chair for a second and I was going to bribe you with bags, flowers and hats and anything else I could think of to get that from you. LOLOL For some reason that photo sums up my whole entire single-wide!!!

Happy piping - tell "the King" to walk away... you know what you're doin'...

;-) have a happy happy Saturday!!!

Jessika said...

I had to laugh about the dog with " issues " enough to both pee on and chew the same item. I thought they did that all the time?

VINTAGE HOME lifestyle said...

OH...that is just wrong.
I found you by way of Debbie at Trash Talk.
Love it...