A day of gathering small treasures

Gathered the last of the blackberries and the first of the figs. 

The scent of sweet magnolia

Gathered an idea of what treasures await me

While the ladies decided they couldn't wait and gathered a few pears of their own

And the smallest, sweetest treasure of all. Our very first incubator hatched chick.

Wishing you a day filled with your own small treasures


Nancy said...

What a lovely life you have there....I'm jealous! Love the pics of the ladies eating pears. I have a soft spot for lovely brown cows.

Now you've made me hungry for fresh figs! Sigh!

Missing Goat said...

oh lord, how sweet. I can't believe your figs are ready, that you have those pretty cows, and a new chick - all things I want here in my yard! Oh, if I ever get more than one raspberry, I'll make a chocolate hazelnut raspberry something - don't want to loose you! Now, sew some darn clothes for that chipmunk!