Chipmunk in a bag

Normally I would be using 'chipmunk in a bag' to describe my hubby's mad dancing skillz. Not today, today happens to be my Snitw's (sweetest niece in the world) birthday. The last time I saw her, I told her about a funny little chipmunk I saw at the store. When you rub his back he makes a chattering noise. A noise I find obscene in real ground dwelling rodents, but funny from this guy.

I didn't really have any intention of actually buying it for her. Until, she looked at me and batted her big brown eyes and said in a small pitiful voice 'if I had a chipmunk like that, I would dress it up, give it tea, and keep it safe.'

Then her Aunte  K said, 'Aunt Lynea  can sew some clothes for the little chipmunk'

...huh? ..sew what?...

I tell ya, I tried.
I made the hat and the bag.
I really, really tried.
 I could not get motivated to sew clothes for a chipmunk.

No worries, I plan on reminding my niece that her Aunte K knows how to knit :0)

I'll have a piece of cake for ya! or two


trash talk said...

Hmmm...if my back is rubbed I make a chattering noise too!
It's ok if all Buck has to wear is a hat...Chip and Dale didn't even have that!

~Carrie from Cottage Cozy~ said...

That is so funny...and cute actually too!

Jen Kershner said...

Okay, there is no way I could have resisted a plea like that. You'd have to be heartless. Plus she totally sounds like my kind of girl!

koralee said...

So so cute!!! I really do love the bag..and I am sure this little chipmunk adores his hat! Thanks for visiting me the other day and your sweet comments. xoxo