The not so Everlast lid

Have you ever seen Everlast aluminum cookware? It's a vintage cookware, hand hammered and forged, really beautiful. Sorry, I don't have any examples to show. I've had a few pieces over the years and never really whole heartedly collected it. When we had a garage sale this last fall I still couldn't part with an Everlast lid that I've carried around for 20 plus years. I've long given up hope to ever finding its mate, but I just knew it had somekind of potential. That's when Kingplinker suggested he could cut off the flower and turn it into a knob. That's why he's a keeper.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy 4 of July! I will be taking a blogging break to clean and prep for our annual "God Bless America, Let's drink some barley pop and blow things up" event. 
We're roasting a whole pig underground this year which has already proved to be an eventful experience. Leftover pork recipes, anyone?

Revel in your Freedom! 


Claudia said...

Now that is an inspired idea! It looks perfect on that table.


Kristina Layton said...

How clever! and that teal is just about my favorite color! I love your blog~ I'm a thrift store nut, too, but you have quite the talent to make finds into something even more wonderful. It's good to meet you!

My friend, Heather, has a Tasha Tudor day on her blog (there's a link on mine). Her work (like Tasha's) is pure vintage wonderfulness.

Tara Dillard said...

Fun seeing the obvious. Would never have thought to do that knob idea........

New kitten in our house too. Found him in a garden while working in Douglasville a few weeks ago.

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara