Sewing up summer wear

This comes at a good time. Last week as I was undressing for bed, my skirt zipper stuck. The shirt I was wearing, being thread bare and a favorite, I removed carefully to avoid ripping it. I must have made an awkward move, because my bra strap snapped off. *deep sigh* I need some new clothes.

Right now I'm starting "mission knit". Knit fabrics have always terrified me but, so have zippers, buttonholes, pants and jacket patterns, silk....The only way to get over avoidance sewing is to jump in, make some mistakes and learn along the way.

Here is my very first knit top!! Drafted from my favorite thread bare tee, the sleeve detail I made myself. I'm rather pleased, at least I know where the mistakes are and hopefully fix them on the next tee.  I'll be making the next neckline higher for sure.  
Proud as a peach of my ruffled sleeve caps.

I used McCalls pattern 5929 for my gingham top. Went together fairly easy, I did shortened the sleeves and added a cuff.

Both skirts are made from Butterick 4461 
I tried to move that magnolia a bit off center so it wouldn't look like...well you know... a fig leaf. I'm self conscious wearing both it in public. I used drapery remnants for both skirts. I look at them and think Ooooh cute...then my big brain flashes this image.

Earlobe tug to my fiends :0)


Nancy said...

Love the ruffled sleeves, love the skirts, don't think the flower looks like a fig leaf and ROFLMAO over the Carol Burnett connection! One of the classic moments in television, has me in stitches every time.

Goodnight, Queenplinker. So good to see you back online.

Melynda said...

Of course I love the skirts. Great t-shirt also. It's so funny - I've also had the Scarlett thought when I whip up a skirtain - skirt from curtains.